July 6th, 2019

Price | Our attitude from minute one was solid

He’s on a new journey now and his pathway started today. It’s a tick in the right direction. Steve on Luther


Head coach Steve Price gives his thoughts on the win over London in the capital, Luther Burrell’s debut minutes and entering the business end of the season.

“If you don’t come down to this place with the right attitude and the right actions you can get turned over as we have seen by a number of quality teams this year. Our attitude from minute one, I thought, was really solid. To go 36 nil up, I thought, we were really methodical in offence. We were hardnosed in all our actions. I thought we played some outstanding footy in that first half.

“I thought our attack and execution could have been better at times in that second half but, in saying that, after that second set after half time I thought our defence was on point. We were sound and really hardnosed when they were coming out of yardage. The boys deserve a big rap after coming down here; it took us around seven hours to get down here by bus yesterday. I am really happy with it. They (London) have scored a lot of tries on last plays, especially on kicks, and I thought we did a really good job around that, especially around Walker.

“He (Luther) did what he had to do. It’s work in progress. It’s part of his growth and development. He’s on a new journey now and his pathway started today. It’s a tick in the right direction. It’s all about small steps for him. He’s come into the team a little bit earlier than anticipated if I am honest so we are not getting carried away. He has so much more growth in him yet but he carried the ball strong. I have two quality centres there at the moment so it’s all about performance now and have him keep developing and learning as much as he can. He’ll have learnt a lot from that today. He is highly detailed around training and very motivating in and around the team.

“I thought Bennie Currie showed some really good signs today getting back to the Ben Currie of old. I thought he played really hardnosed and got his hands on the ball. His involvements on and off the ball I thought were back to him of old. He drove those good standards down the right edge. I thought Danny Walker was good defensively on the try line; Lama and Philbo stepped up today too, and Coops was outstanding in that first 40 minutes; I thought his leg drive after contact was super.

“Every game is important to us as we are starting to get to the business end of the season now. Our goal is to cement a top-two finish and that is in our control, and a performance like that I am happy with. We will dust ourselves off and look after ourselves as we have got a really important game next Friday against Salford. It wasn’t that long ago that we put in a performance we weren’t happy with so we will be really driven next week.”

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