April 12th, 2019

Price | On loss to Saints

Head coach Steve Price talks after his side’s defeat to St Helens.

I thought we got dominated in a lot of areas tonight, both offensively and defensively, credit to St Helens. But we’ll get some good stuff out of that. When Mike Cooper got 10 minutes, they scored a couple of quick tries and it deflated us a little bit. We came out after half time and I thought we did really well to get back into the game. We got back to within eight points but not long after that, there was the high bomb and they ran through and scored. They ran harder and they tackled harder. They wanted it more, simple as that.

“I’ve been saying for a couple of weeks, we’ve been in a good place up to date. We’ve been playing some really good football. I know we’ve got so many more levels to come yet. Tonight wasn’t a performance of the Warrington Wolves ethos, but we’ll address that ahead of next Friday against Salford.

It summed our night to be honest, work off the ball. It did make it hard when we lost Mike Cooper, but that’s what you have to deal with. It’s what good teams do, and I know we are a good team. We won’t beat ourselves up over it, it’s only early on in the season. We’ll take some good learning tools out of it and regroup next week.

“One thing about Matty (Davis) is he’ll go down swinging. He’ll have a crack at everything, that’s the attitude he displays on and off the field. I was proud of him tonight, he did a lot of dirty work for us, but sometimes you’ve got to give credit where it’s due. St Helens were very good tonight, so we’ve got a bit of work to do.”

Injury update

Ben Murdoch-Masila: “It’s his ankle that’s been causing some discomfort. He’ll go for scans on Monday. It’s fairly swollen at the moment but hopefully it’s not too serious. We’ll know more after the scans.”

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