August 8th, 2019

Price on loss to Saints


Warrington coach Steve Prices talks after his side falls to Saints at home in Round 25.

“I’m really proud of the boys. We came up against the competition leaders, we had 10 players missing and a lot of guys banging on the door for an opportunity. They certainly put their hand up. It was a really tough game and as I said, I’m really proud. We lost a whole bench with 16 minutes to go, we had no one to put back out there. Hilly was cramping up, we went with 12 with a bit to go.

“It was a good display of our DNA tonight, sure it wasn’t perfect at times but they showed a lot of fighting spirit against the competition leaders.

“We got a two of head knocks, Ben Currie went off on the 14-minute mark. We lost Danny Walker with an ankle injury at the 20-minute mark and then we lost Murds (Murdoch-Masila). Hopefully there’s nothing too serious. Luis Johnson was another head knock. We’re very fortunate with a long turn around next week. We’ve got eight days to get it right for Wigan.

“Matty Smith came in off one training session, then we lost our nine and threw everything out. We went down swinging tonight, I’m really proud of the lads.

“He (Smith) was solid. It was good to see him smiling and getting back to enjoying his footie again. He was competing hard and he’ll get a lot of confidence out of that.

“There was two 17 year-olds. It’s the first time in the club’s history which is quite special. They’ve got a big future but there’s still a lot of hard work to do for them. I thought Josh Thewlis was strong tonight, he didn’t look out of place. There’s a bright future there for Riley Dean too. They can hold their heads high.

“I thought Chris Hill with what he bashed out tonight, I thought he was tremendous.

“As I said from day one, he (Burrell) is going to make mistakes along the way, that’s part of his learning process. I thought it was a really good solid hit-out for him, he’s only going to get better and better. The intricacies of League to Union are totally different, defending on an edge. He’s going to be a good player, especially with a full pre season going into next year and with the games he’s played this year. I’m pleased with where he’s at.

“The result tonight won’t be an indication of what happens in two weeks at Wembley. They’re a quality football team who are well coached and we’ll have to be at our best in two weeks to knock them off. I want them (our players) banging on my door to say coach pick me. We had a couple of them tonight which I’m pleased for. There’s going to be a few restless nights which I want.”

On Austin and Blake pre Wembley |

“He (Hughes) saw the specialist yesterday, which is quite positive. It’s another one of them which you’ve just got to wait to get the swelling down. Then it’s just a week-to-week proposition. Knowing Jack, how tough he is, to bang out 50 minutes with a ruptured testicle. I’m sure he’ll be banging on my door to get right for Wembley.

“I’ve no idea to be honest, I’ve been asked this before and I honestly don’t know. We’ll give him (Austin) every chance, if he makes it he makes it. If he doesn’t then whoever is going to represent our jersey will do it with pride.”

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