July 21st, 2019

Price | "Not one of our better displays"


Head coach Steve Price reflects on the loss away to Castleford Tigers in Round 23 of the Betfred Super League.

“It was a difficult game to take to be honest. It wasn’t one of our better displays. I think we had 16 errors for the whole game. When you are dishing up that amount you are never going to give yourself a chance.

“There were a number of outrageous decisions out there today. That first try they got was clearly obstruction on Bryson Goodwin, I can’t understand how that was missed. A number of tough calls throughout the game but we have to be better than that and deal with it in different ways that’s our challenge now.

“We aren’t happy with our performance. We have to be honest with each other. That’s what we build our foundation on, working hard and being honest with each other.

“You have your hurdles throughout the season it’s not always going to be perfect. In these circumstances it will show the true leadership in our coaching group and also as players too.

“There’s an individual responsibility when you carry the ball to hold it, run hard and get down and play the ball; simple things which can be easily fixed, not running into touch on tackle two which we did numerous times today.

“We haven’t spoken about the semi final. Our focus was on Castleford (today) and I thought for the majority of the game we were in the arm wrestle and then lost our way a bit at the back end of the game, with frustration building. There are couple of things we need to address and a new competition for us next week.

“We have a footy team there, keep believing we are still not too bad on the points table. I have the utmost belief in the playing group that they will put in a strong performance on Saturday against a really good team in Hull FC.”

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