Youth Development

The successful development of our talented young players will be guided by the patience and expertise of the educators and the resilience of the minds and bodies of the athletes.


The long term plan for Youth Development at Warrington Wolves will be to produce a consistent flow of home grown players that with improvement and development will go on to be the core of our first grade team.

The process of developing these junior players into established first grade players at Warrington Wolves will defined by key elements of the infrastructure of the Youth Development Department outlined below.


The Warrington Wolves Youth Development Department believes that to advance the development of junior players, discipline will provide an healthy and honest culture. This will be achieved through an honest and transparent philosophy understood by the directors, management, staff and players at Warrington Wolves.

The ambitions of Warrington Wolves Youth Development Department will be guided by the consistency and stability of the programme and the trust and loyalty of all associates.
We are all responsible and accountable for the process of producing high performance players with strong personal qualities and good values that will represent Warrington Wolves both on the football field and within the community.

The ultimate direction of Warrington Wolves is to develop and sustain good people within our high performance environment who will be ambassadors of the club and transfer good values off the pitch to success on the pitch.


  • Develop the person: The qualities of a person are hugely important and influence everything they do.
  • Develop the athlete: Building on the person's physical attributes is vital to the successful progression of a young player. Rugby League is an incredibly physical sport and players have to be correctly physically prepared and conditioned to advance.
  • Develop the footballer: A player's football ability of course is significant and developing skills, tactical and technical knowledge is at the forefront of our programmes
  • Educate the person: Education of the person in our programmes supports the development of their qualities, ability and physical progressions for preparation in life as well as in Rugby League.
  • Create the correct environment for the above to take place: The correct attitude to training, playing and learning, alongside behaviour and discipline stem from the correct environment, role modelling and disciplined but fair management.
  • Employ and develop good staff to support the young people: It is important that people with the correct characteristics are around our young players, to guide them, educate them and make them the ultimate professionals - in whatever they choose to do.
  • Look after all people in the system (players and staff): Valuing all people in our structures makes a significant difference to each person and adds quality to the support mechanisms we have in place for the players, makes players and staff want to be part of the club, adds to the positive environment we are looking to create and helps us with all of the above points for developing young athletes.
  • Be prepared to be patient when young players are developing, don't rush and improvement will follow as the players progress along the pathway.

The Warrington Wolves performance team has had some significant achievements over the past four years and will continue to develop young players for the Warrington Wolves first team because of the disciplined, honest, trustworthy and loyal culture where all players and staff are accountable and responsible for the ongoing education and performance of all people within the systems.

The achievements of the performance team are listed below:

2012 Winners of the U20 Valvoline Cup - Grand Finalists V Leeds Rhinos
2012 Minor Premiers of the U20 Valvoline Cup
2011 Runners Up in the U20 Valvoline Cup - Grand Finalists V Wigan Warriors
2011 Winners - Carnegie Nines
2010 Minor Premiers of the U20 Valvoline Cup
2010 Winners - Cheltenham Nines Gold Cup
2009 Semi-finalists - Gillette U18 Academy
2009 Semi-finalists - Reserve Grade Championship

The performance team has also aided the progression of 19 youth players to full time contracts at Warrington Wolves; 15 players to represent England U18s; 2 players to represent Wales U18;19 players to represent England U16s; 4 players to represent Wales U16. Progression of 8 staff members to full time roles; 7 staff members to roles within the England Rugby League structures.


"Your house will not stand the test of time unless you start with a firm foundation." - Proverbs, 14.1

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