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Warrington Wolves Supporters' Trust

Warrington Wolves Supporters'Trust is the successor to the Supporters' Club. Its main aim is to strengthen the bonds between Warrington Wolves and all the people of the Warrington area, and to promote the game of Rugby League as both a participation activity and a spectator sport at all levels.

One of the Trust's basic aims is to bring fans together in social situations for simple enjoyment! In this way, we raise money for the Club (the Wolves) and members decide what to do with these funds. The more members we have, the more ideas we'll get, and the more events we hold, the more money we will raise - and the more fun we have! So join us and help us go from strength to strength!



The aim of Squadbuilder

Supporters of Warrington Wolves aim to fund young up-and-coming local rugby players with a £5 monthly contribution and also help the youth of the town and local area through Rugby League and Warrington Wolves.

Squadbuilder will support the development, coaching and promotion of young local players at all levels as its main aim. This will include aiding local junior sides as well as Service Area teams, through to fully professional Wolves players.
Our scope

A player, or a number of players, will be chosen by the scheme after discussions with the club (on wage costs) and the coaching staff (on eligible "local" young players likely to make an impact or is seen as suitable for sponsoring) on who will be eligible for funding by the scheme. Members of the scheme will have full sight and control over what the fund will be spent on.



Our Sponsors

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