Smith: We need to toughen up

Smith: We need to toughen up


Warrington Wolves suffered a defeat at the hands of Bradford Bulls at the Provident Stadium this afternoon, Sunday 4 May.

Wolves' head of coaching and rugby Tony Smith reviews the team's performance and that of the opposition,

“I think they (Bradford) are playing with a lot of spirit and they got some confidence out of last week as well when they stuck together and hung in there against Catalan. They built on that today. They are down on troops but that’s when they tend to dig together and pull together. We needed to do that ourselves. We needed to be a bit more clinical with some of what we did there today as well. That desperation probably wasn’t quite there for us to the degree that we needed but it certainly was for Bradford. It shows what you can do when you all pull together and play with that sort of urgency. We certainly need to find a bit of that ourselves in the coming weeks.

“Today I just thought we didn’t take some of the opportunities and we needed to, to get a little bit further away from Bradford. We just kept them close enough for them to keep fighting and have some hope. There were a few times where I thought we could have skipped away but didn’t and paid the price. Our discipline in the second half with an 8 - 3 penalty count makes it tough; you are on the back foot the whole time and we just didn’t get going. Bradford had a lot of the possession and momentum of the second half and we needed a bit more hay in the first half while the sun was shining on us.

“We are not exactly the same team that we were Grand Final wise and a lot of our more senior players are on the sidelines at the moment. It’s good experience. While it hurts at the moment it’s good experience for some of these young guys; sometimes you go through a little bit of pain on the way to getting that. You have to experience some of these results in order to become good and better players. Unfortunately we are going through a bit of pain to gain that experience but I am also confident that we will learn from it and get stronger from it. We need to toughen up.

“We will continue to work hard and will hopefully get some troops back over the next little while. Even if we don’t get the troops back we will dig in and fight for each other and learn some lessons about desperation, urgency and being clinical. We always do that and analyse ourselves pretty harshly whether good or bad and we always learn lessons.”

And the injury news coming out of the game. “I think we’ve lost Kev Penny. He’s strained his medial ligament in his knee; not sure for how long but we’ll get some medical advice on that.”

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